Thursday, January 7, 2010

What happens if you don't change your oil in your car?

Does your engine explode? What are the symptoms you may experience and consequences?What happens if you don't change your oil in your car?
if you don't change it,it becomes very dirty and clogs the oil filter up,and causes a loss of oil pressure,then you start to experience a lot of problems ,you can easily blow a good engine up because of low oil pressure,when everything becomes clogged up,the engine is no longer being lubricated like it should be,and this will cause major engine problems with it,usually resulting in a blown or badly damaged engine,its best to keep it changed at least every 3 k miles,good luck with it.What happens if you don't change your oil in your car?
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first recognize that oil itself does not lose its lubricity, however the additive package breaks down, leading to engine deposits, sludge, acid in the oil, and eventually excessive engine wear. the oil keeps everything in suspension, including particulates that are too small for the oil filter to remove. also at some point in time the oil filter plugs up, and the bypass valve opens, and then you have unfiltered oil circulating around the engine.
If you run it so long that it goes dry, you will push a rod. If not the oil will gum up and the engine will lock up.
It's extremely bad for your car, and could lead to your engine basically blowing up, if you let your oil get too low over time.

I literally blew up the engine in my first car because due to a lack of checking my oil, I never realized that I was leaking oil...and I basically ran my car dry, (a really expensive mistake might I add).

But before your engine goes you have a tiny amount of warning time (at least I did) car started making awful clunking noises, and if I had stopped right away I probably could have saved it.
It won't explode, but sooner or later it'll get hot when the oil finally breaks down, and more than likely freeze up!!
it will be like liquid sand paper...
Eventually it will cause great wear and tear on your engine and in due time your engine will stop working.
if you don't change your oil it looses lubrication and no lubrication means more friction. that will allow metal-to-metal contact and causes big problems. Most likely the connecting rod will lock up and your engine will be destroyed. Also sludge build up will form in the engine and cause the motor to run sloppy. Also there is detergent in new oil to help clean inside your motor, so changing your oil every 3000 miles is a must. Also changing your oil periodically increases you engine life.
Your engine will not explode! But it will begin to run hot and have a loss in oil pressure which would eventually lead to bearing failure.
You Will Have Bare Metel To Metel Rubing In Your Engineing Over A Very Short Time Will Seaze Up And No Longer Move Freely!
With decreasing lubrication, the engine will go bad andhave to be rebuilt at huge cost ($1,000 to $5,000). ~
You'll just burn your engine: you need water to function, it needs oil.
I'M going for the short answer; you'll be walking!!!
the oil loses its lubercating abilities and eventually gums up and yes then you engine blows up.


  1. My car has been making weird noises lately. I just filled it up with a whole bottle of oil, but it leaks quite a bit of oil. How often should I change my oil if my oil leaks?

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